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Tax Planning:

How You Can Legally Reduce Your Tax Liability

An educational webinar outlining the different ways you can legally and strategically reduce your tax liability by using the Internal Revenue Code to your full advantage.

In this webinar the associates of Capital Preservation Services will outline the Tax Planning process of CPS and how they assist their clients in legally reducing their tax liability. You may have heard of individuals out there that have a substantially low tax rate compared to their income because they are using what the media refers to as "tax loopholes". In essence, these are not really loopholes at all, this is just an example of these individuals using the Internal Revenue Code to their full advantage, something all tax payers have the right to do no matter how much money they make. You may have recently found yourself an a yearly state of "reactive accounting", which is not strategically planning out your taxes, instead just paying whatever large sum your CPA tells you that you need to pay each quarter (and sometimes these quarterly estimates are not even enough to cover your whole tax bill. In this webinar we will go through the different steps to our process and show you why our clients don't ever feel like they are paying far more than their fair share of taxes.  We will show you how having the most tax efficient corporate structure compounded with a thought out plan for the year can help you save $30k, $60k, or even well over $100k a year on your current tax liability. Let the skilled tax attorneys and consultants at CPS help you Earn More and Keep More!

About Your Presenters

You may have one or all of the following presenters:

T. Walton Dallas, J.D. LL.M., (Taxation)

Bachelor of Professional Accountancy from Mississippi State University, J.D. from the University of Mississippi, School of Law and an LL.M., Masters of Tax, from Southern Methodist University.

Walt Dallas has practiced as an attorney for approximately 33 years in the areas of income tax planning, estate tax planning, business succession planning, trust administration, estates, probate, estate planning, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, asset protection, tax litigation, and related areas.

J. Todd Mardis, President

In 2004, Todd formed Capital Preservation Services in Flowood, Mississippi. Capital Preservation Services has since grown into a tax consulting firm with multiple locations in Mississippi, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, and Alabama with over 10 advisors. The firm places a high degree of focus on income tax planning for clients paying in excess of 50K in Federal Income Taxes. Todd has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry primarily serving physicians and dentists.

Wilson Dallas, Tax consultant

Wilson Dallas is a tax strategy consultant for Capital Preservation Services, LLC. Capital Preservation Services is a national tax planning firm comprised of some of the top tax attorneys and tax consultants in the country. 

Capital Preservation Services has been nationally recognized and is vetted by some of the top Dental, Medical, Optometric, and business associations in the country.